2P START! Wiki

The following is an article written by mark lindemulder(AKA freeplay) in honor of the 100th podcast.

The article[]

1:I use the term ‘how dare they’ at least once a day.

2:The first thing I think when I wakeup on Mondays is ‘I really hope I got a suggestion box mention’.

3:I rename my Ipod ‘2P-Pod’.

4:2pstart.com is my home page.

5:I go to sleep listening to 2pstart live every night.

6:I never get bored of rereading a 2pstart comic or relistening to and episode of 2pstart live.

7:Whenever There is a new 2pstart comic, I post the link to my facebook.

8:I bike five miles to the library every week just to download 2pstart live.

9:I have a silhouette of ray on my bedroom wall.

10:Ray and Tim are my role models.

11:One day I ate only hot pockets, pixie sticks, and grape soda(to my mom’s disapproval) in honor of episode #47

12:I’ve seen everything on Ray’s portfolio.

13:Ray is the best artist ever .

14:I memorized the date I first read 2pstart.(8/19/08)

15:I had a ‘one year of reading 2pstart’ party.

16:I cried after reading comic #124.

17:I sold ‘sonic and the secret rings’ because ray didn’t like it.

18:I became a fan of sonic because ray is.

19:My desktop background is constantly 2pstart related.

20:I spent the time to find out that as of comic 141 Ray has been featured 158 times, and Tim has been featured 121 times.

21:My favorite song is Ray’s version of ‘Dance to Moroder’.

22:I’ve made Ray laugh three times.

23:I had a dream about 2pstart.

24:I only play a Lucas when playing brawl so that if I ever get up the courage to risk a wii bricking, I’ll be fully prepared to PWN as Toon Ray.

25:Hyper Fire is my favorite flash game.

26:Brawl is my favorite wii game.

27:The 2pstart sense of humor is in sync with mine.

28:I’ve read every 2pstart comic 5 times.

29:I don’t read any other web comics.

30:I’m going to dress up as Ray for Halloween.

31:I’ve told all my friends about 2pstart.

32:My play count for all the pixel vision songs is over 100.

33:I wake up to zip cord in HD on my TV every morning.

34:I’ve enjoyed every comic/podcast even comic nine and episode fifty-eight.

35:Wednesday is my favorite day.

36:July 20th, 2009 was the best day of my life.

37:I like vertical comics.

38:I hate daily comics.

39:I think Lace is epic.

40:Ray and Tim are the only people on Twitter that I follow that I don’t know.

41:I like family friendly.

42:My lifetime goal is to be in a 2pstart comic.

43:I’m a facebook fan of 2pstart.

44:I sent the 2pstart Anti-ValentiNES cards.

45:I think 2pstart is a ‘secret too everyone’.

46:The black doom award is the only way I know what’s going on in the world.

47:I once listened to pixel vision for twelve hours strait.

48:I never said ‘this comic used to be good’ about 2pstart.

49:I correct my sister every time she mis-says Ray’s name as Ray hard-drive.

50:I recite 2pstart live to my family.

51:I yell at my sister every time she make fun of the knobby elbows.

52:I tuned my sister into a 2pstart fan.

53:I used a 2pstart comic as desktop wallpaper even though I didn’t get the joke.

54:I start useless fights with CKCheeseboy.

55:The only reason I don’t have a 2pstart shirt is that every time I save up enough quarters to get one, Ray suggests another wii game I have to get.

56:I edit the Wikipedia page.

57:I once choose Tim’s suggestion box before he did.

58:I visit 2pstart.com every six hours even though there’s nothing new.

59:I say jeezaloo a lot.

60:I Google “Ray Hargreaves” and “Tim Harding” so much, I know that there is a Ray Hargreaves and a Tim Harding in the medical practice.

61:I added the word ‘Hargreaves’ to my Microsoft word dictionary.

62:I want to be a 2pstart character I use my incredibly bad photoshop skills too edit Ray/Tim into me for my avatar.

63:I don’t pretended to get the jokes in comics, but I ALWAYS love the artwork.

64:I like the same types of games as Ray and Tim.

65:I consider Tim an author.

66:I’ve downloaded every episode of 2pstart live.

67:If a pixel vision game came out without Ray’s consent, I wouldn’t play it in respect to Ray.(although I’d be dieing to play it)

68:I watched “Ray’s Smash Bros Highlights” over 5 times.

69:I don’t make stupid comments such as “I don’t get the joke because I don’t watch/play lost/let’s tap/paper Mario/Q-bert/pacman/any video game or TV show.

70:I don’t complain about recycled artwork, I consider it a chance enjoy the artwork again.

71:I tried to pass comic #30 as extra curricular work for ‘marketing and business’ class in school.

72:I refuse to see ‘up’ because Tim doesn’t like it.

73:I’m racist because Tim is.(I felt the extreme need to state that this is completely a joke, and not true at all.)

74:I fit into the 2pstart created description ‘Mid-Core Gamer’.

75:I believe Tim’s profile pic for his personal facebook was taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

76:Ray’s profile pic for his personal facebook is from comic # 140.

77:I named a row ‘2pstart’ on the mysqlgame.

78:I set up my sd card to open up a text file that says ‘2pstart.com is great’ when ever it is put in a computer. Needless to say, I loan this card to friends a lot.

79:I am well aware that ‘gaming has been around since the early 80's and has evolved onto the net, from online fantasy to online casino, online sci-fi's and many more!’.

80:I’m OK with scrolling.

81:My Google toolbar always has either “2pstart”, “Ray Hargreaves”, or “Tim Harding” in it.

82:I restore my HP every day with honey nut cheerios.

83:I spent 513 wii points on the 513 MB channel.

84:I know that whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK AWAY.(comic # 16)

85:My playing of brawl matches Ray’s in comic # 65.

86: I always take my pills 12 times a minute.

87:I was at the brawl tryouts.(comic # 12)

88:I built Ray’s landmaster.

89:I’ve look at every photo in Ray’s Brawl photo gallery.

90:I cried for a week starting on 5/06/09.

91:My ring tome is the 2pstart live theme song.

92Ray can always use my stylus.(comic # 53)

93:I use the gamers resolution.(comic # 99)

94:I voted with the majority in comic # 14, showing my smartitude.

95:I stand by 2pstart even when my friends make fun of it.

96:When ever I don’t get a 2pstart joke, I know that it’s not you, it’s me.

97:I apologized to my sister even though I did nothing wrong, just so she would give 2pstart a try.

98:I said thank you when my friend called me obsessed with 2pstart.

99:2pstart made me a better person.

100:I spent the time to type these reasons.


True or fasle[]

  1. T
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T
  5. T
  6. T
  7. used to be true
  8. used to be true
  9. T
  10. T
  11. T
  12. T
  13. T
  14. T
  15. T
  16. T
  17. T
  18. T
  19. T
  20. T
  21. T
  22. T
  23. T
  24. T
  25. T
  26. T
  27. T
  28. T
  29. T
  30. T
  31. T
  32. T
  33. used to be true
  34. used to be true
  35. used to be true
  36. T
  37. T
  38. T
  39. T
  40. used to be true
  41. T
  42. T
  43. T
  44. T
  45. T
  46. T
  47. T
  48. T
  49. T
  50. T
  51. T
  52. T
  53. T
  54. T
  55. used to be true
  56. T
  57. T
  58. T
  59. T
  60. T
  61. T
  62. T
  63. T
  64. T
  65. T
  66. T
  67. T
  68. T
  69. T
  70. T
  71. F
  72. used to be true
  73. F
  74. T
  75. T
  76. T
  77. T
  78. T
  79. T
  80. T
  81. T
  82. F
  83. F
  84. T(hard to understand, but i'm going to classify this one as true)
  85. F
  86. F
  87. F
  88. F
  89. T
  90. F
  91. T
  92. T
  93. F
  94. T
  95. T
  96. T
  97. T
  98. T
  99. T
  100. T