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2P START! is a video games webcomic written by Tim Harding and drawn by Ray Hargreaves. The comics will often feature a flaw in a particular game or character which causes them to fall into bad situations. The first strip, "Traitor," was released on February 14th, 2007. Since then there have been over 150, in general keeping with the weekly schedule. The comic was released Wednesdays until January 27th of 2010, when they were moved to Thursday.

The first strip, "Traitor," was released on February 14th, 2007. 2P START! has been added to the "Gamer's Pair of Dice" network of webcomics. The most widely popular comic to date is "#158: The First Pokemon Trainer", released on February 18th, 2010.


2P START! differs from most webcomics in that it is drawn in vector art using Adobe Illustrator and image manipulators made by Apple. This gives it a cleaner, more sophisticated look, but it also takes longer to create. 2P START! is also extremely clean in humor when compared to other prominent comics like Penny Arcade and Digital Unrest.&nbsp A typical 2P START! comic features the antics of some video game character as they try to deal with certain facts of life related to the games they are in. Other comics feature Tim and Ray themselves (or their Mii counterparts, TiMii and DoRayMii) as they try to deal with certain parts of their own lives, making a comic, or discussing games. One-panel gags have become more frequent since the beginning of the comic. The longest comic was "A Conversation", released on April 1st 2010, it contained a whopping 78 panels.

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