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2P Start! Live! is a Podcast recorded by Tim and Ray. It is edited by Ray to include sound effects, music, images (m4a only) and links (m4a only). It is available in two versions. m4a and mp3. The mp3 version does not have links or images. 2P Start! Live! is downloadable from the site and iTunes.

So far there are over 120 Podcasts, divided into 3 seasons. The main theme music is "Rolling Start!" from Fighters Megamix (originally from the Daytona series) edited to say "2P" instead of "Rolling". Besides that no other changes are made.

Season 1[]

Season 1 of the Podcast started on Episode 1 and ended on Episode 47.


Season 2[]

Season 2 of the Podcast started on Episode 48 and ended on Episode 100.


Season 3[]

Season 3 of the Podcast started on Episode 101 and is currently on Episode 120 with Episode 121 coming next.


Guest Appearances[]

Eddie Hargreaves - Episode 11, Episode 29, Episode 47, Episode 54, Episode 59, Episode 60, Episode 100 and Episode 103

Jessica Barriga - Episode 09, Episode 117

Jon Watts - Episode 113

Matthew Torronto - Episode 110

Noah Brimhall - Episode 100

Sarah Harding - Episode 31

Lily Harding - Episode 99

Black Doom - Episode 47

Sonic the Hedgehog - Episode 100