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Welcome to 2P START! Wiki

This is a comprehensive wiki about the webcomic 2P START! and the various (relevant) projects of its fans and all two of its creators, Ray Hargreaves and Tim Harding.

To Do List[]

This is a list of stuff that we need to get on the wiki, including pages to create, images to upload, and more.

The following is a list of pages that need to be created.

  • Mathew Taranto
  • Twitter

See a full list of wanted pages here. Keep in mind that we will be creating seperate pages for every podcast and comic.

Wanted images:

  • Real life Tim and Ray (there are pictures posted in the site's podcast archives)
  • Sarah Harding (Tim has linked to a picture in his Twitter feed)
  • Lace
  • ALL comics (PLEASE be sure to add copyright notice in image description)

Latest activity[]