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D3vin's floating 2P START! head

The Official "Unofficial" third player of 2P START! -D3vin

Humble beginnings[]

The user known as D3vin started reading the comic starting with Comic #56- "This is how I roll", he found it by mistake while looking up things regaurding the then unreleased game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl". He stuck around and started regularly listening to the podcasts soon after, in fact, he has won the contest for podcast #23.

The "Mutany" and first Guest Collaboration work[]

Starting with comic # 65- Define 'addiction' D3vin, along with fellow commenter, dj75728, both thought that they could do it better. After their talk of taking over the comic failed to actually go anywhere, they settled on making a guest comic. While the comic was a moderate success, D3vin would better been known as "The guy who was banned for trying to take over 2P START!"

Solo work and decline[]

For awhile D3vin stepped back and started being just a regular poster again, he split ties with his old ally and created

a second strip by himself, showcasing his traditionally drawn artwork and (in)famous "Regional Doppleganger" gag featured in this comic.

Time had passed before D3vin had accidentally shaken up the scene with a creepy coment while congratulating Tim on his future child, stating the following :

"Speaking of pregnant, I wonder what Sarah’s hot body looks like right about now… did it look like she ate a basketball?"

Commotion soon died after it was proved that the quotation was taken out of context.

After sinking back into a cozy commenting spot, he constantly worked on several unreleased ideas for his third guest comic. It was a whopping 63 comics before the final version of his third comic would appear.

Fan works outside of the comic.[]

D3vin has also made some advertisements for the Timocrat party during DSI-shion 2008. First with an full-out attack about how the Raypublicans were inept for the office and the other one (endorced fully by canadate Tim) showing the benifits of voiting Timocrat.

He has also made a fake podcast that would have fit between podcasts 86 and 87. For a while, these would be the only 2P START! videos on youtube until the official channel was created.