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Jessica and the Silver Eclipse is an album by Ray Hargreaves created with GarageBand software originally for his college senior project, under his stage name Raybobindustries, Inc.. It is his first official album release. The album consists of dark techno music with a lot of hidden meaning and significance. It is very cryptic, but his overall focus is about the scope of his relationship with Jessica Barriga. Ray would later release the album on the 2P START! website and iTunes. It is currently available as a digital download purchase from the website and iTunes, or as a two-sided CD available exclusively from 2pstart.com which includes bonus material.


The Link to Purchase on 2P START!

A remix of "The Hermetic Ring" was made by Ray's cousin and was played for "Music to my Ears Edition" of 2P START! Live! . It can now be found in the "Extras" section of the 2P START! website.


Jessica and the Silver Eclipse is purely techno music, with Ray singing on most tracks with various voice warping, sometimes heightened to sound female. The songs can seem basic at first glance, but a scrutinized listening reveals a lot of very intricate and delicate soundplay. Ray points this out in his presentation of the album as his senior project for college, and also showed a shot of a Garageband loop to this effect.

The art style consists of simple monochromatic silhouettes, with cursive fonts for writing. The insignia for the album is an upside-down, capital cursive "J". There are a lot of hidden meanings and interesting occurrences that are hard to find at first. For example, the tracks all begin with "The," and the first letter of the second word of each track title sequences to form the letters A-J.

Track Listing[]

1. Side A

2. The Archive of Memories

3. The Blind and Deaf Songbird

4. The Curtail of the Covert

5. The Digit of Death

6. The Elixir of Malnutrition

7. Side B

8. The Fifteenth 28

9. The Gilded Age

10. The Hermetic Ring

11. The Intentions, the Inventions

12. The Jurisdiction in Repetition