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Knubby Awards are awards created by 2P START!, which wrap up each season of their podcast series, 2P START! Live! . The "Knubby Awards" represent everything in the world that is knubby , especially elbows and knee caps, typically all that is special to 2P START!. Winners of the awards receive their trophies in JBEG form through email. There have been a total of 2 Knubby Awards episodes to date, being podcast Episodes 47 and 100.[1]

Knubby Awards 2008[]

For Knubby Awards 2008, everyone who had made guest appearances in previous episodes of 2P START! Live! left voice messages, which were played during the episode after a short highlight clip of their appearance.[2] The winner of the 2P START! Official Contest was also announced to be Anon, who received a free t-shirt.[3]

Award Winners[]

  • Most Influential Fan: Dash
  • Best of 2P START!
    • Comic (given by Tim): Comic #39: Untold Origin / Comic #40: Embrace Your Destiny
    • Podcast (given by Ray): Episode 40: Sonic and the Black Doom Edition
  • Comment of the Year: ???, for the comment, "you should have spent 2 weeks on making a good comic instead of this one, and you're right about the 2P START! popularity chart. This comic used to be good two or three issues ago" [from Comic #9].[4]
  • Best / Worst game of the year
    • Ray's choices:
      • The Best: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
      • The Worst: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
    • Tim's choices:
      • The Best: Bioshock
      • The Worst: Mario Super Sluggers
  • Worst Black Doom Award
    • Ray's choice: Okami’s watermarked cover art (from Episode 26) [5]
    • Tim's choice: Pre-order debacle at Toys ‘R Us (from Episode 6)[6]

Knubby Awards 2009[]

During Knubby Awards 2009, special guests called in during the show, including Mario and Sonic. Recipients of a Knubby Award this year also each received a free t-shirt. [7]

Award Winners[]

  • Best Moment From Season 2 of 2P START! Live!: Ray's commercial attack during the election of the next president of the united gamers. [8]
  • Best Musical Misfit Suggestion: Monty on the Run by Kvb (from Episode 93) [9]
  • Best Comic During Season 2 of 2P START! Live!
    • Ray's choice: Comic #115: Ray's Adventures in Dating
    • Tim's Choice: Comic #123: The Power of Teamwork
  • Best Fanart: Apkinesis with this work [10]
  • Best Podcast: 2P START! Live! (by a mere 2 votes)
  • Best Fan-Submitted Question: "Why is it so hard for Ray to get a girlfriend?" by Black n White (from Episode 86) [11]
  • Most Die-Hard 2P START! Fan: Mark Lindemulder, with this document
  • Ultimate Black Doom Award
    • Ray's choice: Werehog’s joystick controls for Sonic Unleashed (Wii) (from Episode 55)[12]
    • Tim's choice: Play Sega website (from Episode 67)[13]