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Pixel Vision

Lace VS Anti-Alias

Pixel Vision is an album by Ray Hargreaves, under his stage name Raybob Industries Inc.. The album is techno music inspired by and structured like classic video games. It is Ray's second full album release to date, after the much darker Jessica and the Silver Eclipse. It was released for free and is available in mp3 and m4a formats on 2PStart.com and Ray's website.

Art Style[]

The art is pixel-art in very bright and cheery colors, mostly pink and yellow. Lace herself is reportedly baaed of of many different video game characters, including Donkey Kong (her tie).


The beauty and clarity of all square pixels are the framework for what is the peaceful Land of Video Games. Recently, these pixels have come under attack. Anti-Alias has sent her minions to go throughout the land and mutate each pixel into blurry anti-aliased ones. Once infected, the disease spreads from sprite to sprite at an unstoppable rate. But one girl is up to the job. With her high tech visor and super powered rocket pack, she's up to the challenge and fights against Anti-Alias. But will it be too late?

Music Video[]

A flash music video was made for "Zip Chord/Invincibility," featuring Lace using an invincibility power-up (in the shape of the Raybobindustries insignia) to blast through a stage unharmed, eventually going through a jet-pack section in the air and crahing into a boss fight area. The boss, labeled Big Kahuna, appears and smashes Lace into a pillar before she can attack him properly. Fortunately, the invincibility kicks back in and she destroys him easily.


Lace appears in 4 comics to date:

Despite numerous requests for more Lace-related comics, Tim and Ray agree that they need to have a very good time and place to insert her in the comic.

Game Adaption[]

Ray has entertained the possibility of a game adaption (titled Pixel Vision Adventures) in the future, but he also recognizes that it will take a lot of effort and that it is probably still a while off.