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Tim's Takes are poorly drawn mini web comics (probably on purpose) that are illustrated (or copy and pasted) and thought of by Tim Harding. Tim's Takes are usually a substitute for an expected 2P START! comic, drawn in a different style than

A recent fad involves Tim's drawing Mario with a deformed leg, which causes Mario inability to jump.


So far, there have been 6 Tim's Take comics in total: 4 in the main line of comics and 2 in the Tim's Take line of comics.

Tim's take

Tim's Take: Artist's Block Overcome

Tim's Take: A Promise Soon Broken

Tim's Take: Time To Pac It In

Tim's Take: Taken Too Far

Tim's Take: Mario's Best Friend

Tim's Take: Second Opinion


  • MiMGodfather, in reply to the increasing number of Tim's Takes, created a comment describing Tim's future in his new webcomic "2T START!" in the comic "Tim's Take: Taken Too Far". This comment was also narrated at the end of Episode 118 of 2P START! Live!: "I Gotta Bad Feeling Edition"
  • Tim's Take Live! was suggested, but has yet to be made. (Ray has done something similar in 2P START! Live! Episode 58: Don't Listen Edition)