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Tim Harding is the second founder of 2P START! (along with Ray Hargreaves), a Timocrat and current President of the United Gamers . He is often described as having a monotonous voice and drinking Dr. Pepper while lounging by his Pool of Money.

2P START! Career[]

Tim is the one that comes up with the comic ideas. He also created comics of his own known as Tim's Takes.


Tim's Pool of Money

As for the podcast, Tim is often shadowed by Ray's high-pitched voice, but still plays an important role in the podcast (as seen in 2P START! Live! Don't Listen Edition). His voice is considered so monotonous that some people use it to lull them to sleep (no that the podcast is boring or anything).

Tim also handles the website and its maintenance, taking care of server errors, page links and updates.

Tim's full time career is unknown.

He owns an iPod Touch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS. He previosly owned a PlayStation Portable.


Tim is illustrated in the comics as Ray's usual art style with wearing his trademark brown beanie (though in real life, he doesn't wear it, though he did before 2P START's! birth). His first comic appearance was in #001 "Traitor" .

It was revealed in If 2P START! Were Daily that under Tim's beanie resides a LEGO head, but is slightly contradicted in The Power of Teamwork ,where Tim is seen having what looks like a full head of hair under his beanie.


Tim is married to Sarah Harding. They have a Daughter named Lilly Harding. They live in Newbury Park, CA. The birth of Lilly was often joked as The Death of 2P START!



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